Pravas Ghosh
Secretary, ACTE

Dr. Pravas Ghosh is the secretary of ACTE. For the last sixteen years, he is in the education field. He is active and his vision is to have developed modern Educational institutions with teachers’ education, Information Technology, Management Studies, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, and Paramedical Sciences Research Centre with job-oriented courses for students coming from various parts of India and abroad.

"Our world is changing rapidly, so each and everyone of us has a responsibility to make a better place to co-exist and flourish. We, at ACTE, committed to engage students in active, collaborative, and technology-based learning methodologies so that it develops future-readiness and life skills contributing to developing global citizenship.
Modern students have tremendous talent, merit, and potential for growth. We are all set to provide excellent opportunities and the environment by acting as a catalyst and facilitator to develop their potential and promote success through quality education, using appropriate tools, techniques, and values that harmonize technological advancement and humanistic wisdom.
The dedication and commitment of the faculty, active support and co-operation of the parents, and the enthusiastic efforts of the students will make the teaching-learning process smooth and speedy.
Our mission is to provide skills, knowledge, and an environment in which our students will learn to appreciate and understand modern technology, develop strength of character and imbibe social sensitivity and a modern futuristic global outlook along with the respect for our rich cultural heritage."

Wishing you all the very best in life.